Snacks on Sticks for Kids

Difficulty: * great recipe to do with kids

1 carrot
1 can mandarin oranges
1 can baby corn cobs
1 green pepper
1 can pineapple chunks
1 small jar olives, green or black
Several cherry tomatoes
A small bunch of grapes
A Peach
A handful of strawberries
Small cubes of cheddar cheese
Small cubes of mozarella cheese
Slices of ham
Cooked hot dogs

Wood or metal skewers

1. Cut the cheese and hot dogs into small portions. Cut cubes of green pepper. Cut the carrot in half and peel into long strips.

2. Decide which things you want to go together and start threading them on a skewer, one at a time.

Fruity Treat: grape, peach, strawberry, grape, peach, strawberry
Salami Stick: Salami, mozarella cheese, olive, salami, moazarella cheese, olive
Ham and Fruit: pineapple, green pepper, mandarin orange, ham slice, repeat
Cheese and Pineapple: Long piece of folder carrot, cheddar cheese, tomato, pineapple
Hot dog: tomato, hot dog, pineapple, baby corn, repeat

3. Continue threading things onto the skewer until it is full, with just enough room at the end to hold it.

The finished kabobs are good for picnic or party treat. Slide everything off skewer onto a plate with a fork. If not eaten at once, store in refrigerator
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