Apricot-Catalina Chicken

Have you ever gone to the store with a recipe in mind and the store is lacking an ingredient? Short of running to several other grocery stores, what do you do? In general, the best thing to do is search for another recipe similar to the one you are preparing and substitute.

Example: Last weekend for Super Bowl, one of the suggested recipes was Catalina Chicken. We'd had bad weather for days and when I went to the grocery store to buy the chicken, catalina salad dressing and jellied cranberries to make this recipe, the store did not have jellied cranberries. In fact, they had no cranberries period. I decided that cranberry juice would change the consistency of the sauce. Everyone was taking advantage of the break in the weather and the lines were long, making the drive to another store undesireable.

I searched my memory and remembered that we had also posted a chicken recipe called Russian-Apricot Chicken that had a similar flavor. Luckily for me, I remembered the recipe (but using your iPhone to check the blog works, too!). That recipe called for Russian dressing, apricot jelly, and honey. With honey already in the cupboard at home, I picked up the apricot jelly and went to trade the Catalina dressing for Russian dressing. Only there was no Russian dressing. Heck, I figured. Let's combine the two and see what happens. Hence was born another delicious variation of this recipe. This one I call Apricot-Catalina Chicken.

4-6 chicken boneless chicken breasts
1 bottle Catalina dressing
1 small jar apricot jelly
1/4 cup honey
1 package onion soup mix

1. Spray cooking pan with cooking spray. Lay chicken in the pan.

2. Mix all the other ingredients and pour over the chicken.

3. Cook at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or until chicken breaks apart with a fork.

Serving Suggestions: Baked potatoes or rice goes well with this chicken. Enjoy!

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